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Asco Composite Valve

ASCO Lead Free valves

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Asco Low Temperature Valves

ASCO Low Temperature Valves

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Asco Low Power Valves

ASCO Low Power Valves

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Tulsa Industrial Control Products

Plant Shutdown Station Paul King Co

CS Manual Control Station

An emergency control station to be used for complete or partial shut-down. Analyze your working areas and exits and place control stations in accessible locations. The cotnrol station is a rugged casting having a spring loaded crank handle. Pushing the handle back approximately 45 degrees permits the spring to snap the handle down. Hub on bottom of body casting is tapped 2″ I.P.S. for mounting on vertical pipe stand. Explosion proof enclosure is standard on all units. Internal switch is a SPDT hermetically sealed snap switch. Please call for current price and availability.

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Mercoid Pressure, Temperature & Level Switches Stocked Locally in Tulsa

DA-31-2-3 (1)
DA-31-3-6 (1)
DA-35-103-4N (1)
DA-41-804-9E (1)
DA-531-2-3 (4)
DA-7035-153-5N (1)
DAW-23-3-5S (1)
DAW-41-2-13 (2)
DAW-533-3-6 (2)
DAH-31-153-2 (2)
DSH-7341-153-26E (1)
AP-153-36 (1)
1950-00-2F (3)
1230-16-WM (3)
RMB-52 (2)

Eurotherm Logo

Eurotherm Parts Stocked Locally in Tulsa

Items currently in our Tulsa stock. Please call for pricing and status.
EA57 (1)
EA23 (1)
AM-321 (SPDT) (1)
AM-116 Crank Arm (1)
EPC3004 (1)

Asco Logo

Asco Valves - Surplus Parts Stocked In Tulsa

This list is updated frequently! Check back regularly or call for updates!

The following valves are in new/unused condition, but are considered surplus.  Call for a price quote.  (Updated June 29, 2022)

2-way valves:

K3A782                          (1)

AH2E212A4                    (1)

SC8030g017                  (5)

8030A070 120/60          (2)

8908A001                        (1)

8214G271                       (2)

EF8215C053 24VDC       (1)

8215 135 120/60               (4)

SU8220G411                     (2)

SC8238T405MO 24/60     (1)

USM8260 076 24/60         (1)

8262G265 120/60              (3)

8290B002                          (9)

8290A040                           (1)

8290A386                           (1)

3-way valves:

8300G072U 24/60           (2)

EF8308C041F                  (1)

EF8320A511 24VDC        (4)

EF8320 515 12VDC         (1)

EF8320G702 120/60        (1)

8327G041 24VDC            (1)

EV8327G035 24VDC       (2)

EF8321G002MO 120/60    (1)

NF8327B012 24VDC       (1)

8353C033                         (1)

4-way valves:

EF8408B006 120VDC  (1)

8340A006 120/60         (3)

8344P072 12-24V        (10)

EF8344G074 120/60     (3)

8355A002EEAG           (1)

8455A082EED2MS     (6)

WT8551A001MS 120/60     (1)

WT8551A017MS 120/60      (1)

EM8551B301MO 24VDC     (4)

JBEF8551G401MS 120/60  (1)

543 01 052 120/60               (3)

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